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PAMP History

The Pennsylvania Association Meat Processors was formed in 1939 when a group of frozen food locker owners decided they needed each other as a support group. The original group was chartered under the name The Pennsylvania Frozen Food Locker Association.In 1958, the name was changed to Pennsylvania Association of Locker and Freezer Provisioners.

The advent of home freezers slowed the demand for rental lockers, and many member became involved in meat processing, curing and product manufacturing. As a result , in 1973, the name of the Association was change to Pennsylvania Association of Meat processors.

Today’s operator members include locker operators, meat processors, slaughters, packers, custom operators, game processors, butchers, ham curers, wholesalers, caters and retailers. Our supplier member include firms which provide machinery equipment, supplies and services to operators.

PAMP is affiliated with the American Association of Meat Processors, the national meat trade organization , and participates in the Meat Association Council.

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